Red Dot Award Ceremony Pics

2017 was a whirlwind of blessing and great fortune. I would have never imagine that I’d be awarded the most prestigious distinction in communication design. Here are pics and highlights from my time in Berlin, Germany this pass fall. I would like to thank everyone for the love and enduring support.

My Photoshop Journey led to an Online Store

At the beginning of the year, I was working on project that required me to go between a set of Adobe software’s to complete the project. A large majority of my projects either require Indesign, Illustrator and/or Lightroom. Seldom usage of Photoshop maybe a resize or two here and there. Nothing indepth, nothing pushing my skill level like my university days at SCAD with courses such as digital matte painting.

Working for Brands that are the “Not So Hot Chick (or Dude)”

Ever caught the eye of a sexy individual at one of your favorite after-work-happy-hour-spots? After a couple of glances you realize that you sparked the interest of the person next to them instead. Did I mention that this individual is not sexy but average? Now they’re walking over, with drink in hand, and you’re thinking should I let them down easy or entertain the idea?

Why Trump is a True Piece of (Art)work!

It’s hard to avoid the world today especially with all of the controversial things taking place. There’s no question everyone is inundated with talk surrounding the man that became President with his history making upset.

Between November 8th of his stunning win to present day every political analyst, commenter, columnist, psychologist, historian, statistician and seasoned politician tried to a certain extent explain the unexplainable.