Learn From Work Files: Burger King Jungle Book 2014

I use to be a Lynda.com fiend and when I couldn’t afford Lynda tutorials I use to visit sites like veerle.duoh.com and fffound.com as a backup; absorbing and learning as much as I could. But the funny thing is that I would never have the current version of creative software I was attempting to learn. So, if I was watching a tutorial about Adobe Photoshop CS3,
I would still be rocking CS2. To me, it would be the same until the video covers a feature that was not in my current version.

I realized that I hit a wall after watching all those video tutorials on how to use the program. With the limitations of always being a version behind, my direction shifted to learning how to manipulate my current version to still accomplish the new features of the latest program. For example, making text resemble liquid or creating bokeh effects within photographs. Sites like design.tutsplus.com taught me a lot, but soon enough I hit another wall. At first,
I wasn’t sure of what I was searching for, but I wanted to know more. I figured that the missing piece lies somewhere within the work files.

So, I started looking for lessons that provided work files. Sure, some work files were “cleaned” but others were a beautiful mess and those were the work files I wanted most. You see, a dirty work file leaves traces of the designer’s DNA. For instance their thought process, their journey from the first layer to the last, how they structured the look and misfired design ideas. Work files contain a wealth of knowledge for novice and intermediate designers to backwards engineer and learn.

I will be periodically providing work files from a few of my past creative jobs. Ranging from simple to complex designs with the hope that you find a stronger understanding… and maybe have one of those Oprah “Aha” moments. Not the Oprah “Tom Cruise jumping furniture” moments.
Let’s not scare the locals please. Just kidding, go for it! But take your shoes off, por favor. Not trying to get any dirt on this black suede upholstery.

I encourage you to take my dirty work files for a spin. Learn… Grow… Multiply!

Download and learn from one of my PSD files. The project was for a 2014 restaurant poster, created for a new burger from Burger King.



Burger King Jungle Book restaurant promotional signage for upcoming Jungle Book animated film, set release 2014.

Jungle Book 1

BK Jungle Book 2

BK Jungle Book 3

The Project Breakdown



Original image, background silo-ed out

Original image, background silo-ed out

Burger/food without background super composed into new environment. Burger levels increased slightly beyond +1 to give the food more pop, as instructed from clients. But, because of this the Burger has a hotspot. In addition, space was needed between the burger and plantain for another specialty burger. Hence the image outer edge needed to be stretched to accommodate, in turn slightly warping the plantain.


Hotspot corrected by duping the original siloed burger layer on top and layer masking out areas around the hotspot in which only the hotspot original area remains. As for the plantain, same rule applies, duping the layer of the original plantain before stretched and masking out key areas. Warped the non-masked out areas to match the curve of the plantain peel.


Second burger siloed out and level corrected to match the other burger.


Verbiage added. However, the background foliage and foreground burgers are fighting the eye for attention. Therefore, easing the focus towards the burgers is necessary.


Finally, to have the eye concentrate on the burgers, lessen the detail of the background by adding a green haze to soften its appearance. That way the header tittles stand firm and the burgers are the focus.


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