Client Management

How To Avoid the Downward Spiral of Toxic Criticism

Through my journey as a designer I have had some great uplifts and pitfalls along with notable successes and failures. Back in the day, when I use to be part of the everyday 9 – 5 grind of the corporate world, there were also some brief periods of unemployment. In attempts to not to have gaps in my resume, I took an internship position with a small 5-man agency.

The Shit Clients Do: The Call…

Have you ever been so close to the finish line, that you practically tasted the victory as you neared the end of a creative project. You are exporting all the necessary files and packaging up all deliverables, as you pop open a can and prepare to have your coke with a smile. And then it happens… you get that dreaded email or phone call. It goes a little something like this:

5 Ways to Help You Find Your First Client

First and foremost, Congratulations! You have now pulled the trigger to pursue a deep down desire to strike out on your own. In my experience, getting your first potential clients can be very challenging. Especially when you have no direction of where to look.