Life Experiences

Red Dot Award Ceremony Pics

2017 was a whirlwind of blessing and great fortune. I would have never imagine that I’d be awarded the most prestigious distinction in communication design. Here are pics and highlights from my time in Berlin, Germany this pass fall. I would like to thank everyone for the love and enduring support.

Working for Brands that are the “Not So Hot Chick (or Dude)”

Ever caught the eye of a sexy individual at one of your favorite after-work-happy-hour-spots? After a couple of glances you realize that you sparked the interest of the person next to them instead. Did I mention that this individual is not sexy but average? Now they’re walking over, with drink in hand, and you’re thinking should I let them down easy or entertain the idea?

Why Trump is a True Piece of (Art)work!

It’s hard to avoid the world today especially with all of the controversial things taking place. There’s no question everyone is inundated with talk surrounding the man that became President with his history making upset.

Between November 8th of his stunning win to present day every political analyst, commenter, columnist, psychologist, historian, statistician and seasoned politician tried to a certain extent explain the unexplainable.

Determining Your Ideal Client

During my “illustrious” freelancing career, I’ve been thankful to be able to turn down projects every now and then. Not necessarily because I’m inundated with project offers, the real reason is because not all projects were a good fit. If I accepted, a few may actuality comeback to bite me in the ass. I know this may seem like a contradiction from a previous article when I discussed, one of the common pitfalls of creative freelancers is the notion of following passion instead of following opportunity. I promise you, this is not contradiction, in fact I’m doubling-down on that statement.

The Common Pitfall Among All Creative Freelancers

As a frequent visitor to creative group forums and design message boards, there always seems to be a few reoccurring topics. Most discussions revolve around quick insights of “What do you think about a master degree in design?” or “What to do about pro bono work for friends and family?”

Are Online Courses the New Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Growing up as a kid I’m sure you can remember situations when you asked your parents “How do you spell this?” or “What does this mean?” Only for them to give the iconic response of “Go look it up.” As a kid that’s never the response you are looking for, rather you want the answer immediately with minimum or no effort. Your parent’s always intended for you to take the longer road with hard work and putting in maximum effort because in the end it will produce greater results.

How To Avoid the Downward Spiral of Toxic Criticism

Through my journey as a designer I have had some great uplifts and pitfalls along with notable successes and failures. Back in the day, when I use to be part of the everyday 9 – 5 grind of the corporate world, there were also some brief periods of unemployment. In attempts to not to have gaps in my resume, I took an internship position with a small 5-man agency.

Working from Home. The Dream and the Nightmare.

Back in 2011, when I became a freelancer full time. That very first day was exciting. I rolled out of bed at 9:00 am (still on corporate time), slapped on some fresh undies and decided to ignore the daily ritual of brushing my teeth and freshening my breath. B-lined straight to the kitchen…

The Shit Clients Do: The Call…

Have you ever been so close to the finish line, that you practically tasted the victory as you neared the end of a creative project. You are exporting all the necessary files and packaging up all deliverables, as you pop open a can and prepare to have your coke with a smile. And then it happens… you get that dreaded email or phone call. It goes a little something like this:

Finding Creative Inspiration @ NY Comic Con 2016

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Comic Con (the NY version that is)!? Regardless of the fact that you can’t please everyone, some will enjoy it and others won’t understand it.