Finding Creative Inspiration @ NY Comic Con 2016

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Comic Con (the NY version that is)!? Regardless of the fact that you can’t please everyone, some will enjoy it and others won’t understand it. As for my first experience with Comic Con, it was pretty positive! I can’t say I didn’t know what to expect, because I’ve been to conventions before. Back in the day, I attended Anime Weekend Atlanta several of times and recently attended Winter Music Conference earlier this year. So, I have experienced the nerdgasms of comic book… TV… movie… anime… music… enthusiast before.

But there was something different about this one and minor lessons that needed to be learned for the next time around. For instance, not waiting to the last minute to buy my ticket. But most excruciating is waiting in the WILL CALL of opening day. The line practically wrapped around the Javitz Center and circled itself. It was worse than standing in line at the DMV on a Monday morning in a suspicious looking neighborhood. You know how that is… nobody has their paperwork ready (always happens) or arguing with the DMV clerk as if it’s their fault your driving privileges have been put on ice.

Will Call Line wrapping around Javitz Center.

But, I digress no need to relive the traumatic experiences of my twenties. After 2 hours or so of waiting in line my cohorts and I finally make it inside. At first glance the beauty of seeing all the homemade costumes, memorabilia and TV stars can turn any unaware mild-mannered attender into an enthusiastic nerd for a day. When I was younger as a hobby I collected DC comics and a bit shamefully collected Garbage Pail Kids stickers. They were kinda cool, right? Just, say yes to make me feel better!

But, as I walked, watched and listened I realized Comic Con’s underlying theme is the idea of “Continuous Creativity.” Ideas… thoughts… innovation is constantly being pushed… changing… evolving. From writers, illustrators, developers, costume creators, sculptors and even fanboys.  Take for instance the comic book writer and artist Alex Ross. His installation/booth drew crowds of enthusiast. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know who he was until I googled him on my phone. But I can see why so many stared at his illustrations for long periods of time. There is something captivating about his illustrations that other comic book styled illustrations don’t have. From my perspective all the pieces on display contained some type of subtle emotional presence, as if it was “silent poetry.”

Alex Ross JLA

A few aisles up from Alex Ross, was many booths with Streetfighter, Ironman, Star Wars scaled statues on display. Now, I’m not new to scaled statues I seen a good amount in my day. But the amount of detail that goes into some of this art pieces are sick. One of the scaled statues of Ironman in a flying pose seems as though his armor has light damage with knick and scratches. The suit has all the designated indentations from the helmet to the boot. It was exquisite. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I passed another booth that was licensed to create Streetfighter and Killer Instinct video game character.

I don’t care much for the Killer Instinct video game because it gives me a bootleg feeling. As if I just bought an illegal DVD movie off the corner from Ray-Ray, that swears it has only two baby coughs and one person getting up to go to the bathroom. That kinda bootleg! But as for Streetfighter that’s more of my jam. Lo and behold, they created a statue of one of my favorite characters, Evil Ryu (not my favorite outfit though). Plus they really knocked it out of the park with the glowing eyes and chest wound. Now that’s something I would certainly pay good money for. Everyone was trying get a good snap of that statue to share on social media.

Evil Ryu Statue

As I mentioned earlier this is what I mean by “Continuous Creativity” within Comic Con. It’s such a close knit community that everyone is pushing and challenging each other to “Kill their Babies.” (It’s an advertising term to not settle on your first idea or the idea you like but dig deeper for a stronger idea.) And for that single reason alone, Comic Con will continue to grow and remain that cultural flagship experience that other conventions can learn from.

Here are few other snaps from the convention! Enjoy 🙂















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