I am

So, what’s my name? Well, if you gotta know. My name is Yuri Jai. A quirky yet disturbingly handsome (I have to say it) graphic designer born and raised in Miami. If you are wondering about my first name it’s taken from the protagonist of the 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago, by Boris Pasternak. A book ‘til this day is mad confusing to me (try reading it). As I stated I’ve been a graphic designer for a little bit over 10 years.

Working as Junior Art Director in a creative agency to a brand designer in the hospitality industry for an iconic hotel. In 2011, I decided to pursue my dreams in of eating Captain Crunch (best cereal on earth) in my underwear and strike out on my own as a full-time freelancer. The first year was a struggle between nurturing potential contacts into clients and deciphering the steps to becoming a freelancer.

Although, I’ve made a few miss steps climbing the ladder towards freelancing freedom (especially, this job), it has been a lot of fun. I believe everyone can free themselves from the everyday nine-to-five corporate structure. My goal is to encourage other individuals with known or hidden talents to do the same. It’s like my grandfather use to say (James Earl Jones voice) “You owe it to yourself, to pursue what will better yourself.” Doesn’t that make sense? To pursue what will make you grow mentally, spiritually and financially.

As I continue to grow I would like to inspire others to do the same by helping them accomplish their goals of striking out on their and becoming their own #BAUCE! This community is filled with “Yes, We Can” (sorry Obama I just ripped you) subscribers pursuing dreams of having their own clientele as a graphic designer, sketch artist, typographer, copywriter, marketer and so on. I am always eager to share advice and real world “handling” examples and life experiences as a freelancer to help you avoid as many landmines on your journey.

During my pursuits I have been blessed with I have been blessed with annual incomes from $60,000 to as high as $203,000 a year. Having my own clientele and determining my own work hours granted me time to spend with my family, rescue two cats and also gave me the ability to take part in my local church food ministry program.


I designed the Food Ministry shirts BTW!

Although, you may not spend your new found freedom quite like this I still want to be a big part helping you get there. From Dream-Chasers to Reality-Living-Creative-Driven-Client-Managing-Monsters. So, let’s get crackin’! Remember what 2Pac said “It don’t stop, ’til the casket drop.”