Music to Help You Stay in the Creative Groove

I never considered myself a die-hard music lover, but damn if I don’t pick some hot shit. I have caught myself multiple times in front of my laptop bouncing my head and on occasion busting a move. This music is not necessarily for breaking designers block but more so for maintaining that creative flow. But maybe it can work in reverse as well.

When I design I have two modes, coasting and grinding. Think of coasting as the equivalent to a Sundays drive. You already feel solid about the creative direction and the art is working out in every layout. No need to overthink it, just coast. Just like Lionel Richie says “…Easy, Like Sunday Morning.”

Then there is grinding, it is the start of a project and you are trying to find the appropriate direction. Mixing and situating different elements to find something that is cohesive. The music for this needs to keep my energy high and engaged.

For this first playlist let us focus on “coasting mode”. Below are 2 standout artists from this playlist. Of course there many more artists but these seem rare and tad bit more underground-ish. So here is an informal introduction.

Shlohmo (Henry Laufer)
The remixes Shlohmo does are marvelous. The first time I discovered him was on the Banks “Goddess” album, he produced the Brain track. His 2015 album, Dark Rose, was beautifully melodic and disturbing. I think he really matured on the collab EP he did with Jeremih, another favorite of mine.

Shura (Alexandra Lilah Denton)
I first heard Shura’s music playing in a H&M store as ambiance. The song was 2Shy. It had a very nice vibe and with a light 80’s feel. She recently just dropped an album called Nothing’s Real, it is a great album with an 80’s vibe. If you like her sound, I recommend that you checkout her White Light track remixed by Mt.Wolf.

Some of the melodic beats of this list has helped me ascend projects to an entirely different level. Some good, some bad just ask a few of my clients. Nonetheless, it will make you feel good as you are designing and coast your way to completing the project.

Listen to the Spotify playlist below:

Hold up, you didn’t think that I  would mention a favorite album of mine and not have it on the playlist. They didn’t have it Spotify but I was able to find it for your listening pleasure:

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