My Photoshop Journey led to an Online Store

At the beginning of the year, I was working on project that required me to go between a set of Adobe software to complete the project. A large majority of my projects either require Indesign, Illustrator and/or Lightroom. Seldom usage of Photoshop, maybe a resize or two here and there. Nothing in depth, nothing pushing my skill level like my university days at SCAD with courses such as digital matte painting. So, in February I decided to rediscover or sharpen my fat and flabby skills and get intimate with Adobe’s darling flagship program. After 2 months of reading, learning and mostly messing around with filters, distortions, lens blurs, masking etc. I felt as though I was now re-acquainted. So, lets do a test project to see what I’ve learned so far.

The poster below represents a hodge podge of everything I learned or re-learned. Not my best work but clear indication of where I am. The most obvious mistake was not applying the good ole’ K.I.S.S. method. For some strange reason I dropped the entire kitchen sink of the things I learned, within this one document which lacks decisiveness and clear direction.

So back to the drawing board. What do I want to create? What is the means to achieve this… using what methods, filters or distortions. I spent another 3 months messing around in Photoshop brushing up on skills but no direction of what to create. Until one day I saw a contest called the Global Art Awards. Entries were a combination of digital art and mixed media So, I entered with a digital art piece. See below.

Again, it was step in the right direction from the previous image but still not transformative as I would like it. However, the success of the image below on Instagram give me an inclination of the direction I sought after. When a commentator with the handle Atlanta Apartments gave me an “awesome.” Sure, it could have been an automated comment but it did spark an idea. The intention to create framed wall prints that bridge the gap of decadent and sublime wall art décor.

So, now that I have direction. Let’s apply the new things I learned in Photoshop to go from concept to completion. But remember Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Ok so let’s cook! Below was a one of the first framed wall art prints I created called “Balloon.” A twisted balloon at that.

The next wall print is called “Icing.”

Terrain (White version)

Flawless (White Diamonds)

By August I created over 15 wall art designs which lead to online store due to the positive reviews on Instagram. Each piece is appropriately titled within the middle of the art that can serve as a word of motivation or remembrance. What started as a teaching moment for myself lead to strangely beautiful designs that can offer a different take on wall art decor. As I have always been told, never be afraid to learn. It’s a constant journey.

To view the all the designs visit my behance entry.

All pieces can be purchased on

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