The Shit Clients Do: The Call…

Have you ever been so close to the finish line, that you practically tasted the victory as you neared the end of a creative project. You are exporting all the necessary files and packaging up all deliverables, as you pop open a can and prepare to have your coke with a smile. And then it happens… you get that dreaded email or phone call. It goes a little something like this:

Client: Hi Yuri. It’s Melanie!
Me: Hey Mel.

Client: Happy TGIF!
Me: Yeahhhh… what’s up!?

Client: We loved the way everything turned out.
Me: Great, I am almost done packaging everything up…

Client: Say… we had a quick pow-wow over here and realize we needed to make a few amendments to the disclaimer verbiage on the videos.
Me: You don’t say. Which ones in particular?

Client: All of them.
Me: All 11?

Client: Yes.
Me: Wow! Okay…. well, I can have them all revised and in dropbox by 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Client: I’m sorry. The is very important but we still would like to meet our current deadline.
Me: You don’t say (as I chuckle in disbelief). I just want to make sure I manage expectations and not promise you we can make that deadline given the new revisions.

Client: We understand completely…but we can try.
Me: It may be prudent to find out when is the latest we can have the videos in… or if there is a possible extension?

Client: Yes, we are confirming that information as we speak. We will send it as soon as we receive it.
Me: Great. Thanks for the call.

Client: OK Yuri, thanks. Remember Happy TGIF!
Me: I think you mean sad TGIF…

Well, there goes my Friday evening in a blink of an eye. In any profession, you have to be able to take the good and bad. It’s the “perks” of job, somebody has to do it. That somebody happens to be me and fifty thousand other creatives that raise their arm up and violently shake their fist like an 80-year-old with a soggy diaper muttering the words, “Damn you!

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