Why Trump is a True Piece of (Art)work!

It’s hard to avoid the world today especially with all of the controversial things taking place. There’s no question everyone is inundated with talk surrounding the man that became President with his history making upset.

Between November 8th of his stunning win to present day every political analyst, commentator, columnist, psychologist, historian, statistician and seasoned politician tried to a certain extent explain the unexplainable. MSNBC, CNN, History channel and many other news outlets and individuals explored and dug to provide deeper meaning of just what the hell happened. From speaking to the presidents estrange acquaintances, sifting through records of him as a businessman to discovering new things about his childhood.

Nothing seemed satisfactory as a coping mechanism for the outraged. Maybe the idea of looking deeper was never the answer… quite possibly maybe the answer was staring us all right in the face.

As an alumnus of a creative arts university, a key foundational course discussed “How To View Art.” How it’s valued, how it’s used and things we can learn from it? One of the requisite’s was reading John Berger’s “Way’s of Seeing,” which assisted in developing our “eye.” To see and interpret what’s directly in front of us.

The true old idiom, “What you see is what you get.”

Although political analysts, commentators, columnists, psychologists, historians, and statisticians gave their best efforts of supplying an answer, maybe it’s best to look at it from a creative standpoint.

Our vision of the newly appointed president should be similar to viewing a piece of “indescribable” artwork that occupies the nakedness of a white wall.

And maybe in a superficial sense figure out why he appeals to the 46% of Americans that voted for him.

1. Beauty
We have all heard the term beauty is in the “eye of the beholder.” Common phrase used among many people to justify their reason for being attracted to something when others aren’t. So what are the keys to attractiveness in art? In this case why does the new president appeal to almost half of the nation?

Color & Texture
Trump, Leader of the Free Hair!!!? Despite the opening bits of various latenight talk shows, Trump’s goldish hair color represents the “Midas touch” to much of his surrogates. The idea that not only will he solve all your worries and problems but his style will add a bit of decadence that no one else can.

Shape & Composition
Thick Don’t Quit! It’s no secret that the president has a bit of heft to his step, making him more shapely than his predecessor. In conjunction with his wealthy stature there is also a visual appearance of consistent self-indulgence. Eating at the finest restaurants, drinking the finest wines, living in the most extravagant places and wearing the most expensive threads. Vicariously, surrogates would like to achieve the samething. His appearance exudes success and achievement.

Any foodie will tell you “you eat with your eyes before taste ever touches your tongue.” In the case of artwork the trimming or framing is as important as the art itself. The President likes to purposely position himself in atmospheres of power. Think about it, the majority of imagery  or media prior to his run showed him constantly behind a huge boardroom desk with a scenic backdrop that overlooks part of the New York skyline. Or flying high on “Trump Air” surrounded by sheer opulence. Having oligarchs, public figures and rappers pay homage at the golden tower. It makes yourself look like a winner (even though you may not be) people will still rally around you. Although, you may assume this just maybe sheer coincidence, unfortunately it’s more cerebral.

2. Technique
Technical skill is the most comparable and measurable aspect of art. Consistency breeds technique. There’s no doubt when the President speaks he tends to “touch” the minds of every individual in America. He is an excellent self-promoter. There’s nothing Trump loves to do more than glorify himself. His election win, his inaugural size, stock market records and so on. That’s probably why Rev. Al Sharpton dubbed him as “The White Don King.” A gregarious boxing promoter with silver hair and tongue, advertising some of the greatest fights of all-time. In some crowds he was also known as “the great manipulator.

The President shares a great deal of those “persuasion” traits.

Because Trump is a man of few words (mostly 140 characters) he uses a multitude of subliminal hand gestures to reinforce or distract from his message.

The most common techniques:

The “Ok”
As if his hands have a life of their own and were his advisors. The “ok” hand gesture gives validity to any message his mouth utters. Subliminally, his base recognize his message as truth because his hands “approved that message.”

Saturday Night Fever Pointer
Blast back to the late 1970’s when John Travolta danced his way to Hollywood fame in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Trump uses finger pointing beyond the normal of singling someone out, but to challenge. Majority, use it as tool for accusing his opposition. Seldom does he use it to “praise point” his supporters in crowds.

The Barricade
Two open palms that move in unison depicting caution or strike fear. President use this mostly for reinforcement measures to suggest there is “something wrong,” “to pay close attention” or “its Fake news, don’t trust it.” It’s meant to quarantine or roadblock individuals.

3. Uniqueness
Good art either explores new subjects, or old subjects in a way that hasn’t been done before. This current administration isn’t the standard bread and butter cabinet that most are used to. And why would it be, if the man at the helm was the most unorthodox candidate to win the presidency. From the majority of public sentiment his uniqueness stems from bigotry, narcissism, false reality and an alpha male complex. Everything that has transpired in the first 40 days of his presidency, the greatest show writers couldn’t make this stuff up. He was born to be dominant personality, or entertainer, hence his obsession of ratings and size. This is an interesting time for this nation because it’s truly something different.

Similar to how individuals view art, decide for yourself whether that unique quality (whether a brush stroke or pattern) distracts from or enhances the piece. Much like Trumps unique traits enhances or distracts from the presidency and the direction of the nation.

Although this is not an exhaustive breakdown of Trump, using the creative standpoints of viewing art you quickly reach the conclusion of  “what you see is what you get.” Without needing the deep-rooted, research-driven or armchair psychology people desire to explain this president. Your eyes are revealing so much if you are willing to look (listen). No one can grasp him, understand his policies, what type of conservative he is, or feel secure regarding his loyalties. He stretches the gamut signing executive orders from rolling back the clean water rule to increased funding for HBCU’s! With random movements such as that you can clearly see he has no ideology!

But we can also see, Trump always entertains one key principle.

To be admired!


Photo by Rueters Jonathan Ernst
Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool Getty Images

“To be desired is perhaps the closest anybody in this life can reach to feeling immortal.”
– John Berger

Everything he does, is to be immortalized.
His strong messaging to the public, selecting people for positions of power, to how many times he appears on television.

No more, no less. Take this man at face value, there is no deeper meaning.

Again, what you see is what you get.

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