Between 2015-17, I desired to push my creative in the direction of music to see if it could translate. Some may evaluate these samples as a 'nice try'. However, I see it as a successful failure that's worthy of one more pursuit sometime in the future. I finally had the courage to place these on my website. Thanks for listening in advance
(I hope your ears don't bleed.)

Vice: Similar to club-ish beat. However, the inspiration was induced by cruising late at night on the highway approaching Miami Beach.

Cold Groove: Inspired by a chilling and thrilling horror film.

Iron: Found a railroad sample. Flipped it and cut it a bit. Then just mashed it up with some kicks and organs.

Click Clack: Not sure how to explain this one. But its uncommon music instrument. Inspired by something similar to the picture above and Latin dance.

Seconds: Inspired ambient music genre. It's repetitive, airy and somewhat gentle.

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