I was approached by a film and production studio to create a motion picture logo for their company. The logo had to be captivating and abstract similar to the directors style. Therefore, I came up with this idea to take actual footage of the newly unreleased film and place it within the logo itself, sorta like an abstract trailer before the feature presentation. Approximately 6 versions were created and obviously I chose the version
I preferred to show on behance.

At the beginning of the piece are quick flash cuts of the movie, then using trapcode form I made video breakdown into individual particles and then have it regather into the company monogram.  I also created light leaks and adjusted the saturation, contrast and curves along with a vignette and grain to give it a vintage or aged look.

Due to time constraints I used the sky background from Video Co-pilot at the very end of the piece to wrap it all together. I manipulated the sky by dropping the opacity a bit and placing another solid orange layer on top to make it pop.

Checkout the movie website

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