A self-starter conceptual idea for a possible Ruby commercial or viral advertisement. That marries the need of Ruby's reception services within iconic movies. In this case the movie selected was Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. For movie-goers that may have seen this movie countless times,it forces them to do a double-take with the additional scene with the phone ringing. Making them believe is this a special director's cut right before the product/service offering kicks in.

3D and Rendering: Grzegorz Stojanowski
Video and Sound Editing: Felix Desjardins
Storyboards: David Perez

Idea and Graphics: Yuri Jai

(In no way am I a copy/script writer, lol)

Scene 1 :

Vader is interrupted mid-speech
Time Index: 14:03
4-5 second read
In the middle of something...
That's why there's Ruby!
New Note: Shouldn’t be read fast, asking a sincere question similar to Geico commercials. But more upbeat
Busy handling your business...
That's why there's Ruby!

Scene 2:
Explaining the company services section
Time Index: 20:14
4-5 second read
Virtual receptionist and web chat services to help you manage customer communications.

Scene 3 : 
Time Index: 26:00

5 second read
Because even villains run small businesses… (brief pause) ok mayyybeee tiny empires!
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