Yuri Jai studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in digital arts and media. After graduation, decided to teach himself graphic design and pursue a career in communication design. He has worked with many clients within the fast food, hospitality and automotive industry. Providing a wide range of communicative designs from books, magazines, posters to television animated commercials and interface design. Such works have garnered international distinctions from the Red Dot Awards, Muse Creative Awards and Hermes Creative Awards.
GOD doesn't design in straight lines... why should I?

Interviewing myself
1. What is your design philosophy? Perfection is an illusion but excellence is tangible.
2. Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration? In all honesty, television! We've all heard the saying,
T.V. rots your brain. But it's quite the opposite. Television can be the window to so many worlds.
3. What do you value most about your work? Collaborating with stakeholders. Beyond just priding myself with quality, consistency, and intimacy.
4. Which profession would you have pursued if you had not become a designer? Why? Not sure, but friends have made allusions to exotic male dancing because of my "rhythm!"
5. Do you have a dream project that you would one day like to realize? Yes, I would like to be apart the creative process for a large-scale installation design project like "Heartbeat" in London's Covent Garden Market.
6. Why did I become a designer? I daydreamed a lot in math class. Although I had a small fondness for numbers, my right brain kept taking over.
7. What is one thing your parents taught you, that you no longer agree with? The well known parental saying,
you can grow up to be anything that you want to be.