Burger King Jungle Book restaurant promotional signage for upcoming Jungle Book animated film,
set release 2014.

Creative Design by Yuri Jai
Food Photography by Sid Hoeltzell
The Breakdown
Original image, background silo-ed out
Burger/food without background supercomposed into new environment. Burger levels increased slightly beyond +1 to give the food more pop, as instructed from clients. But, because of this the Burger has a hotspot. In addition space was needed between the burger and plantain for another specialty burger. Hence the image outer edge needed to be stretched to accommodate, inturn slightly warping the plantain.
Hotspot corrected by duping the original siloed burger layer on top and layer masking out areas around the hotspot inwhich only the hotspot original area remains. As for the plantain, same rule applies, duping the layer of the original plantain before stretched and masking out key areas. Warped the non masked out areas to match the curve of the
plantain peel.
Second burger siloed out and level corrected to match other burger.
Verbiage added. However, the background foliage and foreground burgers are fighting the eye for attention.
Therefore, easing the focus towards the burgers is necessary.
Finally, in order to have the eye concentrate on the burgers, lessen the detail of the background by adding a green haze to soften its appearance. That way the header tittles stand firm and the burgers are the focus.
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