Identity packaging capable of reflecting the Latin American countries that’s a cross between such creative simplicities like Apple Inc. or Chipotle Mexican Grill but with the complexities of Ed Hardy design-like apparel.
Ed Hardy attributes:
    -    Vivid colors    
    -    Chaotic designs   
    -    Bold subject matter    
    -    Rebellious in nature    
    -    Youthful orientation    
    -    For older people seeking to be youthful    
Apple attributes:
    -    Responsible use of sublime colors   
    -    Monochromatic palettes to highlight product    
    -    Product is the focus with no contrasting backgrounds    
    -    Clean line structures and shapes
Chipotle attributes:
    -    Earthy color tones    
    -    Playful illustrations, mural like    
    -    Product empowerment messages    
    -    Free flowing line structures
History Teaches Us
After the war, there was a need to accommodate new forms of art.

-     Post war art begin with the spread of abstractions and the resulting need for artist to redefine 
      their cultural identities within new modes.

-     The recent art of Latin America has come to be relatively well known, but that of the earlier period 
       is less significant and major movements of art influenced the art of now.

-      What is certain is that there’s no single style unifying today’s art, the referents differ from country to country.
-     Vibrant colors, majority warm schemes
-     Use of simple as well as oblong shapes
-     Variety of construded & misconstruded line weights
-     Textures / rough, rustic & gritty
-     Procedural and chaotic patterns
Creative 1
Delaunay Triangulation

For this creative route a system was used to mimic techniques similar to procedural like patterns utilized in Latin American
art. By using this system it gave birth to triangular shapes also a predominant commonality. 
Recycled paper bag
Recycled paper bag
Recycled paper bag
Creative 2
Spectrum Overlay
Creative 2 uses a cocktail mix of simple geometric shapes and great colors, to create a vibrant composition. With the use of overlapping swatches it gives this particular route depth and dimension.

Using a photo of a historic Burger King restaurant from around 1954 as reference for this application of these overlapping colors and shapes, creates a new contemporary look and feel.
Recycled paper bag
Recycled paper bag
Recycled paper bag
Creative 3
Line Harmonies
Another recognizable commonality was the use of lines. The widths, the lengths and thicknesses all worked in harmony to bring a composition or a piece of art to life. Lines help define the shapes that they surround allowing the story to be told. 
Creative 4 (US market adjustment)
For the US market the I proposed the idea not to use the silhouette of fire as a design element or a background accentuation. Instead taking a indirect approach and using the attributes of fire and things associated with it.

Things such as:
- Brick
- Embers

- Movement / Dance
- Wood- Burgundy / Red

- Orange- Yellow
In conjunction with US style and aesthetic, the idea of clean, contemporary, less is more design appeal.

new logo colors and concepts
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