I remember reading a Forbes article in 2009 about “Why we love or need public art”? It described how people
can be a dissatisfied bunch… blinded to their surroundings always fiddling around with their smartphone's or ipod's. It explained how public art can provide a new way for people to experience the city, to make us unite as
a community.

In general, the truth about ART is it improves our quality of life, because it makes us stop and open our eyes,
to appreciate things we once saw as mundane to something that ignites conversation, to something sublime.
It is impossible to have a society that is civil and educated without art. It lifts up humanity and challenges the individual who encounters it to think differently about the world and I love to partake in those thoughts.

My toys are an extension of my goodwill and creativity. It's much more than just a toy, because of its responsibility of symbolizing so much, it's a source of inspiration.
Cereal Killer
a.k.a. The "Shining" Toy
I think we have all seen the play-on-words or an illustration of a Serial/Cereal Killer. I just decided to take it a step further by introducing a real psychotic killer Jack Torrance from the Stephen King thriller the "Shinning." Played by the great Jack Nicholson. Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!
(forgive the few strains of lent on the box)
(forgive the few strains of lent on the box)
Do it yourself
Nowadays customization is mandatory. Whether its your phone, car or clothes. Having the ability to tailor something uniquely to you is a gift within itself. The DIY toy allows you to personalize it with your own style, for yourself or give to others as a gift.
"The Governor" from Walking Dead Series
Custom toy, Oil based ink
Well I'm a fan of the AMC show and a fan of the comic, therefore why not create one of the greatest villains of all-time. 
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