The "While You Were at the Game" campaign is tailored for soccer fans who also own small businesses in Kansas City. The advertising plan spans four weeks, strategically aligned with three soccer matches. The breakdown is as follows:
Week 1 and Week 4: Focus on digital billboards.
Week 2 and Week 3: Coinciding with match weeks, the campaign intensifies to include digital billboards, geotargeting, and in-stadium ads.
The campaign aims to transform the Kansas City Metro area into a vibrant activity hub. Success metrics include doubling the website traffic to from the Kansas/Missouri area, an increase in inbound calls from the same regions, and a rise in new customers within the Kansas City Metro.
Sporting KC vs. Inter Miami MLS GAME
Arrowhead Stadium / GEHA Field (April 13th, 2024)
Upper Led Ribbon 60fps 15000x90 creative animation shown below on field.
Arrowhead Stadium asset deliverables:
- Full board Pregame Final 1920x1080 (video)
- Full 360 Lower Ribbon 5400x108 (image)
- Sideline Lower Ribbon 16200x108 (image)
- Upper Led Ribbon 60fps 15000x90 (video)

Out of stadium asset deliverables:
- Local digital billboards 720x208 (image) (8x)
- Cross over devices 160x600 (3x) , 300x250 (3x), 728x90 (3x) 
- Email banners 600x200 (image) (2x)
- Mobile ads 375x234 (3x), 600x500 (3x), 640x100 (3x), 750x468 (3x), 750x704 (3x)
Arrowhead Stadium assets

Full board (video)

Full board (gif'ed for easy viewing)

Full 360 Lower Ribbon

Sideline Lower Ribbon

Upper Led Ribbon (cropped and gif'ed for easy viewing)

Variation Upper Led Ribbon (cropped and gif'ed for easy viewing)

Out of stadium/ Outfront Media assets
Local digital billboards
Cross over devices
Email banners
Mobile ads
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